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About Jesse

With over 12 years of experience in the nutrition field, Jesse Rosario opened Guam’s first nutritionally sound meal preparation service in 2016 to help promote a healthier Guam. With a degree in CFS: Nutrition from the University of Guam, he has worked at the Guam Memorial Hospital, at nutrition research and education Programs at the UOG, and also served as the State Program officer for Nutrition with the Department of Education. He has made it his life’s passion to find ways to help decrease child obesity and other health related issues that plague our small island. As a multi-sport athlete and Fitness Instructor, Jesse also works with the sports community on Guam to promote active lifestyles. The balanced combination of exercise and eating clean wholesome foods is the lifestyle that he wants to promote through this business. The Boka Box serves as a stepping stone to help people understand great nutrition and how they can create a healthy lifestyle.

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