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The Paleo lifestyle in its simplest form is replacing processed foods with real wholesome nutritious meals that heal the body. As hunters and gatherers, our ancestors consumed vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and animal protein thus giving them the ability to remain physically active.  We use this concept as our foundation for a well balanced nutrition plan.  Our focus is not just providing low calorie foods but instead to provide wholesome nutrient rich meals that heal the body.  Eating unprocessed wholesome foods has helped many people to rev up their metabolism, lose weight, and overall feel and look healthier.  

EAT: Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Grass-fed/Lean Meats, Seafood, Eggs

DO NOT EAT:  Grains, Dairy, /Beans/Legumes, Soy, Corn, Artificial Sweeteners, Processed and Canned Foods

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This diet strategy focuses on “tricking” the body into using fat as energy by restricting the amount of carbohydrates that is consumed.  Our Keto plans are loaded with lots of healthy fats, moderate portions of protein, and low amounts of carbs.  Our meals have less than 30g of carbs per day.  By using foods rich in fats like avocados, bacon, cheese, coconut oil, etc, we increase fat consumption and restrict foods high in fat which allows the body to naturally produce ketones.  Living a keto lifestyle has shown to be beneficial for many people that need to lose weight, control their glucose levels, and burn fat.


The first step to adopting a healthy eating habit is to slowly make changes to the foods that we eat.  Our wholesome plan helps people to make that switch.  We will use whole foods such as brown rice, whole wheat pastas, and whole wheat bread sparingly in efforts to decrease the amount of grains being consumed.  We incorporate other wholesome sources of carbohydrates such as quinoa, squash, and yams so that you get the carbs but also lots of fiber and other vitamins and minerals.  This meal plan is beneficial for anyone that wants to take a slower approach to eating healthier without restricting everything they are use to eating.


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Low Calorie

Weight loss is a direct result from a diet that focuses on a caloric deficit.  Our low calorie plan is set at 1500-1700 calories and follows our paleo foundation to ensure you get lots of nutrient rich foods.  By decreasing the amount of calories in our meals, we can help you lose weight and still eat healthy without eating just salads everyday.

Active Performance

The more energy you expend, the more food you need.  This meal plan is made for athletes that need the increase in calories to support their athletic performance.  The increase in nutrient rich foods also helps the body to recover faster and reduce inflammation so you can get back to training hard.  Packed with 2500+ calories, this is the meal plan will give you the fuel you need to perform your best.

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Specialized Macro

Have your macros all figured out but no time to prep it yourself?  Let us do the cooking and prepping.  Meals made daily that meet your individual needs.  We will work with you to figure out which diet strategy will help support your goal and meet your macros.

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