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Lunch & Dinner Special 🍽

Tired of figuring out what you're having for lunch and dinner? We've got a solution!

The Boka Box announces the Lunch & Dinner Special - a meal subscription special which includes 2 meals (lunch and dinner), a raw snack, and a baked snack. The minimum subscription length is 5 days and can go up to 28 days. The starting rate is $184.00* for 5 days and can be signed up with any of our different meal plans. The Lunch & Dinner Special will last until May 06, 2023.

*Additional charges when signing up with the Mediterranean Plan, Active Plan, Preference Fees, Allergies, and/or delivery.

Looking to get started? Here's more information:

  1. Discover how our meal subscription sign-up process works.

  2. Learn more about the different meal plans we offer.

  3. Choose how long you would like to sign up for as well as how much it costs.

  4. Ready to go? Sign up now.

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