Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if your question is not listed below.

• What is your refund policy?

All meal subscriptions are NON-REFUNDABLE once paid.

• How much does each of these meal plans cost?

Learn about the different rates of each meal plan here.

• Is it a daily pick up or one-time pick up?

For meal subscription, it is a daily pick up or delivery to preserve the freshness of your meal.

• Can I pick up multiple bags on the same day?

You are able to request for a multi-bag pick up. You will receive more than one meal bags on the same menu for the day. For example, you will pick up 2 bags on Monday and those are your meals for Monday and Tuesday. The next pick up day will be Wednesday.

• Do you guys deliver?

Yes. Delivery is only eligible for subscribers on full meal subscriptions. We deliver to your work or residence.

Learn more here.

• Do you accommodate allergies?

Yes. Please provide any valuable information about your allergy to your representative when signing up.

• When does my meal subscription start?

All meal subscriptions start on Monday with exceptions to holidays. The last call to sign up and begin on the same day is every Monday before 10:00 AM.

• Can I pause my meal subscription?

Yes. Please coordinate paused days with a representative. Kindly provide a time frame of absence and the exact date you would like your meal subscription to resume. Once resumed, you will be continuing the number of days remaining.

• Do you provide a weekly menu?
Yes, see what's cooking this week here.

• Can I purchase certain menu items or is it a set menu?

It is a 2-set menu that changes weekly. All subscribers must follow the set menu.

• Are there separate menus for each meal plan?

No. We make the needed dietary changes for each meal depending on the meal plan. 

• Do you use any processed ingredients, artificial sugars, MSG, GMO ingredients?

No. The Boka Box only uses the highest quality of ingredients that both natural and process free. 

• Can I switch between different meal plans?

No. We encourage subscribers to fulfill their subscription to end to maximize their results. 

• I am experiencing negative side effects from my meal plan. Can I change it?

Different people have different experiences in our meal plans. Please contact a representative at 922-2652 if you are encountering any negative effects from your current meal plan. We will advise and change your meal plan immediately.

• Do your meals contain any nuts?

Yes. As a meal prep service that predominantly follows the Paleo guidelines (Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free), many of our ingredient substitutes, flours, and recipes contain nuts such as almonds, walnuts, pecans, etc.

 • Can I eat food outside of my meal subscriptions?

We highly recommend eating within your dietary guidelines to help maximize your results.

• Why am I not losing weight?

Everyone is different and people will experience different results. We highly recommend pairing your meal subscription with a daily exercise regiment, clean eating outside your meal plan, consulting your healthcare professional, and enriching your knowledge on healthier lifestyle changes. If you would like a nutrition consultation to discuss your overall nutrition more, please schedule an appointment here. 

• Can I return my containers? Can I bring in my own set to be used instead?

The Boka Box cannot accept nor use any outside containers provided by any non-regulated entities. This prevents any outside bacteria, diseases, and other health code violations from entering our premises and contaminating your food. 

• Do you sell individual meals for purchase?

Yes. The Boka Box is also a cafe where you can purchase individual meals, desserts, and more. See what items we sell here. **Due to COVID-19, our cafe is closed to outside customers. We are open for meal subscriptions and dessert orders.

I forgot to pick up my meal bag yesterday. Am I still able to receive it?

Meals bags that are not picked up without any prior notice (at least 24 hours before)  by the subscriber cannot be compensated to your current meal subscription. Please notify a representative at least 1-day in advance if you do not want food on a certain day as well as to receive 1-day compensation.

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