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Welcome to Kusinan Patgon!

Unleash your child's inner chef!

About Us

Discover the transformative power of nutritional cooking for your child with Kusinan Patgon. By equipping them with essential skills, knowledge, and a genuine love for wholesome foods, we're building healthier, happier futures.

What they'll learn


“My daughter loved this class. Her only complaint was that it didn't last longer!"


"Izzy made himself scrambled eggs for breakfast today! 🥲 he was so stoked to do it himself and explain the steps to me. 🙌🏽 love this program!!"


“Evan loved his first day! (But apparently does not love apricots 😂)”


  1. What age group is this program suitable for?
    Tailored for kids aged 8-15, with age-appropriate lessons.


  2. How much does it cost?
    The program is FREE!


  3. How many children per session


  4. How long is each session?
    Each session spans 2 weeks, packed with hands-on learning experiences.


  5. When are the session start dates?
    Aug. 14, 2023 - FULL
    Aug. 28, 2023- FULL
    Sept. 11, 2023- FULL
    Sept. 25, 2023- OPEN

    Oct. 9, 2023- OPEN
    Oct. 23, 2023-OPEN

    Please call us at (671) 922-BOKA (2652) for session availability and reserve your child's spot today!


  6. Where are the classes conducted?
    All sessions are held at Boka Box, offering a safe and fully-equipped environment.

Want to jumpstart your child's culinary journey?

Please submit signed registration forms and waivers to our cafe in Hagatna.

We have hard copies on hand.

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