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Summer is Approaching...Let's get you back into shape!

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

10 Day Subscription

Summer is approaching so it's time to get back into shape! Maximize your weight loss potential by signing up for our 10 Day Subscription Special. Not only will you be able to lose weight before the start of summer, but you'll feel more energized and refreshed from all the nutritionally rich foods you'll be eating.

Receive breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks daily with this 10 Day Subscription Special. You can avail of this promotion starting Monday, April 11, 2022, to Friday, May 13, 2022.

Meal Plan - Rate

Paleo - $36.50/day

Low Calorie - $36.50/day

Keto - $36.50/day

Plant Based - $36.50/day

Wholesome - $36.50/day

Mediterranean - $38.00/day

Active - $39.60/day

*Delivery is an additional 15% charge.

*Cannot be availed with additional discounts.

*This promotion is only for a full meal subscription.

3 Ways to Sign-Up:

  1. Visit our location in Hagatña.

  2. Call us at 671-922-BOKA (2652)

  3. Sign up on our website: Select "2 Weeks (10 Days)" under the "Duration" category.

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